Leonie – Leatherhead

“Thanks for (Friday Facial) tonight. It was really very relaxing. I really enjoyed it.
My face has never had so much attention.”

Linda – Eastbourne

“Thank you for last night (Friday Facial). I really enjoyed it”

Karen – Northampton

“I feel like I’ve taken time to enhance my wellbeing and take care of my skin”

Elizabeth – Tonbridge

“I’m all glowing!”

Sophie – Denmark

“My face feels amazing now”

Katharine – Wales

“Thank you Jane. That was lovely. Mum really enjoyed the meditation.”

Lucy – Tonbridge

“Thank you Jane. I feel nice and pampered now”

Rachel – Oxfordshire – Video Testimonial

“Love Your Looks online course provided me with an hour of complete ‘me’ time each week. It also was a safe space to talk about how I feel about my looks, if you are a woman of a certain age like me, growing old gracefully, how you deal with all the products that are pushed at you through social media. We did a lot of mindfulness which is new to me! Talked to women of similar mindset to me.
We also did a lot of facial massage. At the end of each session, I felt more centred and it gave me thoughts and techniques about how to deal with the way I look
and embrace the way I look.

Love Your Looks for me was a very worthwhile course to do…I can recommend it.”

Annie – France – Video Testimonial

I highly recommend this (Love Your Looks programme to any one feeling disempowered and down about their looks, as we all can do at times. This programme taught me that I can take back the power and by following a simple routine for a little time each week I can make a marked difference to how I look and perhaps more importantly to how I feel! It is motivating and confidence boosting.

Deirdre S – South London

There is a great, and important, philosophy behind Jane Long’s “Love your Looks” programme. We don’t want to fall off a cliff, looks wise, as we get older – but why should we feel we have to rely on injections, implants etc to maintain a look of happiness and health? I loved “Love your Looks”. Jane delivers her programme with knowledge, skill, empathy and fun. It’s a great way to take back control of your face!

Alison Brown – East Sussex

I have just experienced Jane Long’s ‘Love Your Looks’ workshop. It was such a great experience. I learned so much about how I can help my skin to look it’s very best, without expensive treatments and products.

I also learned techniques which I can easily apply myself which are relaxing and fun to do. Jane is so knowledgable about the physiological side of the skin and body makeup.

Her passion for natural vibrant health whatever you age, shines through everything she does. Offering us a safe and confidential space to explore our feelings about how we look. Increasing levels of confidence and wellbeing.

I would definitely recommend her programme to anyone who wants to look in the mirror and love what they see.

Lesley Schillinger – East Sussex

I can’t recommend Jane’s fabulous programme enough. It is completely wonderful to feel pampered while we are on lockdown. I have learnt invaluable beauty techniques and plan to put them to regular use. Jane is so professional and has such a warm, friendly approach that puts you at ease at once. The time spent on the course feels so therapeutic and healing. Utter bliss!

Nicki Whitehead – East Sussex

Such a privilege and a delight to learn from Jane her skills on-line with natural face lift techniques …….

no botox or dermal fillers here, just natural smoother skin and renewed confidence!!

Alison Brown, Eastbourne – East Sussex

“I have just experienced a Mindfulness Coaching session with Jane and I would highly recommend it.

Just In the first session I had a light bulb moment and what I know to be a breakthrough in my business.

I was struggling with alignment and merging of two brands and also bringing more of myself into my work. Being more heart centred cohesive.

Jane took me through a process which grounded and relaxed me and gave me the prompts to really go deep into my feeling around my business. This enabled me to gain the clarity I have been missing.

Thank you so much Jane. I am now so much clearer about how I am taking my business forward.

I am super excited!! “

J.C. Bexhill

“At the beginning of our EFT session, Jane took the time to carefully explore what I wanted help with. We talked about where I thought my problem might have come from and how the symptoms manifested themselves in my thought processes and also physically. That in itself started the shift in me! Jane summed up my problem in a few phrases that were my own words and they were repeated as we tapped simultaneously.

After a few rounds of tapping I felt lighter and somehow free of the problem. I could actually feel the energy moving through my body. By the end of our session I was honestly laughing that the behaviour I wanted to change absolutely knowing that it would not give me a problem again.

Thank you Jane for helping to me to release my blocked negative energy. Next time something creeps up on me I will be straight back to you. Thank you!”

H.R. Eastbourne

“Your EFT techniques have been helpful in many ways. I’ve been tapping away at all sorts of things. If anyone saw me they’d think I’m nuts lol. It definitely helps I didn’t realise how stressed I was about so many little things on a day to day basis. I have a little tap and let it go. Much more useful than counselling and just what I’ve been looking for. An actual technique to release things. You can talk about it till the cows come home but it doesn’t release it. This brings it to the surface and then with time and repetitive practice I can feel it releasing. Also you can use it anywhere and whenever things crop up. You never know when those harboured feelings enter your head and when they do, however minor you think they are, you can release the stress of it straight away and discreetly as you condition the techniques to work. I think this is a life changer for me as I learn to cope with minor and major stress in my life. Here’s looking to the future without baggage.”

R. Eastbourne

“I just wanted to write to you to say how much I enjoyed our online EFT session. You put me at ease right from the start of our session by explaining clearly and succinctly how EFT works and discussing the issues I felt I needed help with. The initial breathing exercise left me feeling very relaxed and at peace so that when we started the EFT techniques I didn’t feel at all anxious. I would like to put on record that the personal issues we dealt with go back a long way but the work we did in addressing them using EFT were very gentle and, I’m pleased to report, very successful. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs help with any personal issues that may be holding them back.”

Danielle Wilson

Thank you for the treatment which helped me feel human again!

Nadine Searle

Had a delightful zone therapy reflexology facial recently and enjoyed every moment of it.Jane is passionate about helping you totally relax and her talent and experience together with her gentle and caring manner enable you to drift into bliss from start to finish. My skin felt amazing and it evened out the tone which was fabulous…..many thanks x

Anne-Marie Smith

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jane at Calm Therapy – her luxury facial zone face lift treatment is amazing, I know several women who have also had the treatment and speak just as vocally about how wonderfully relaxing they are and how beautiful their skin is afterwards. My skin reacted so well to this kind of treatment and I honestly felt like my face had been rejuvenated after each treatment – I snored and slept and loved every minute of it. Needless to say I didn’t want it to end!!! If you haven’t already, go and see Jane – you won’t regret it and neither will your face!

Sarah Doherty

I had a facial reflexology session last week. Wow that was so relaxing! I felt amazing afterwards and my skin has felt so much better since – my rosacea is barely noticeable now after just one session! I’ll be coming back for more and recommending to my friends too. Thank you so much!

Tracey Ann Wells

I had the zone face lift and it was the most wonderful experience. I felt so relaxed and Jane is truly wonderful. The results were amazing and I managed to fall asleep with her gentle touch and true professionalism. cant wait to go back and have another. Highly recommend this treatment.

Gill – Eastbourne

After just a 30 minute Zone Face Lift treatment, I felt so relaxed and pampered. Jane is so skilled and gentle. It was a real treat!

Jacqui – Eastbourne

Jane’s Zone facial was a truly sublime experience; a wonderfully soothing rejuvenating treatment and so skillfully applied.

Michelle Sibson – Bexhill

A very relaxing and beneficial facial and foot treatment yesterday. My skin today feels so hydrated and I slept extremely well. I look forward to my next treatment very soon.

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Alison Brown – Eastbourne

My reflexology treatment with Jane left me feeling really relaxed and re balanced. I slept really well and it helped ease my Vertigo symptoms. Jane is an absolute expert, highly knowledgeable and very calming. I highly recommend her.

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Jane gave me the most wonderfully relaxing Reflexology Facial which left me feeling calm and thoroughly pampered. I will definitely be back for another treatment.

Claire Harding – Hove

Janes facial reflexology treatment was amazing.. I was immediately relaxed and felt my stress literally melt away. I slept so well after the treatment and would not hesitate in recommending her to friends and family. I am looking forward to my next visit to her lovely treatment room!

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Thank you so very much for my Facial Reflexology today, I literally can feel that the stress has lifted!! You are amazing and we will see you again very soon!

Paul – Eastbourne

I’m a nurse so I go to Jane to keep my hard-worked feet in trim and help ease some back problems I have. I’ve been to other reflexologists before and I can tell Jane knows what she’s doing. She’s a very talented lady, with a relaxed and friendly approach and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

Sarah – Essex

I love Jane’s passion for her work, she really cares for her clients and knows how to make them feel special x

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Tricia – Brighton

It is easy to say how I appreciated my visit today -“Time no longer!”. A sort of magic was applied. I am very grateful for the wonderful reflexology treat to my face and feet.

Sharon – Eastbourne

I have had 2 sessions with Jane and both were wonderful. The first mainly foot reflexology and a little hand, and yesterday a facial reflexology as a case study, followed by feet. Very nice experience, and Jane is so lovely that you feel calm and relaxed in her presence. Jane picked up a few things including severe tension in my neck. Highly recommended and looking forward to the next treatment x

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Suzie Pitman – Lewes

I can not recommend Jane highly enough. Her treatments are just fabulous, They really give you the lift you need. She is exceedingly knowledgeable and instils great trust and confidence.

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Nicki Painter of The Secret Wardrobe Ltd – Seaford

I had a wonderfully relaxing facial with Jane, she is so professional and has a wealth of knowledge. Truly a wonderful experience, highly recommended.

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Heidi Cowderoy of The East Beach Hotel – Eastbourne

Had reflexology with Jane. Very relaxing, so much so I drifted off. Eased tension out of my neck. Was great, Jane is wonderful, “Calm Therapy” indeed!

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Andrew Paul Hook – Uckfield

Thank you so much for the reflexology treatment that you gave me last week. It was an amazing experience which left me feeling very relaxed and happy for days. It was exactly what I needed and I am very much looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you!

Catherine Clifford of The Lansdowne Hotel – Eastbourne

Had my first reflexology treatment with Jane and I loved it so much! It was extremely relaxing and so good to have that time just for me in the comfort of Janes lovely treatment room. I would highly recommend going to see Jane for some well deserved pampering!

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Paul Harris – Eastbourne

Calm Therapy is a great name for Jane’s company, everything about my treatment was relaxing and Inwould recommend it to any-one! When you go to a website looking for an alternative therapy it is hard to know whether you are getting what you want & expect so it is useful to know what other experiences have been. I’m due to book my next session soon!

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Dee Rumary of Body Zone Sports Massage – Eastbourne

I had a wonderful relaxing hand and foot reflexology treatment with Jane, this week. It was much needed and I felt so good afterwards, re-balanced and chilled. Thank you Jane 🙂

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Hannah Hanraty – Eastbourne

I had a wonderful full body massage and Rose oil facial. Jane did a full consultation and tailored her treatment plan to meet my needs. I felt very relaxed throughout the treatment with my aches and pains being soothed away. I came away not only feeling very chilled and relaxed but also revitalised. Thank you Jane for a lovely treatment.

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Caroline Rushforth – Hove

I had a lovely facial massage session today with Jane. Very calming and relaxing. I even looked great going into my next meeting as my cheeks were so soft and supple! Thank you Jane 🙂 x

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Karen Hoad – Eastbourne

I recently had a very relaxing reflexology session with Jane which led to the best nights sleep ever!!! Jane is such a lovely person who naturally makes you feel at ease. The whole treatment was really beneficial. Very highly recommended. X

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John Foster – Enfield

I have known Jane for 10 years and have been treated for Anxiety over two periods, five years in all. Reflexology has helped me with my condition enabling me to feel calm and relaxed as well as doing me good inside.

Jane is a very friendly person who you can have a nice and interesting conversation with as well as feeling her therapy doing good things to you.

Jane is a very good Reflexologist and Masseur and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for good wellbeing and good general health.

Georgina – North London

I just wanted to say that I feel like a different person after two reflexology sessions with you. After pneumonia and swine flu I seem to have been left with some sort of low grade illness, just feeling “not right” and embarrassed to go back to my doctor yet again to treat something non specific.

Within minutes of you touching my feet, my sinuses cleared and I started feeling better all over. The following day, I felt really unwell, but drank lots of water as instructed, and have been feeling wonderful ever since. The follow up session a week later absolutely confirmed that, and I feel completely re-energised, able to exercise again, and not tempted to spend large chunks of the day in bed, as I had done prior to your treatments. It sounds over the top, but you really changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Both my friend and my boyfriend will be booking with you this week.

Very many thanks, and I’m saving up for my next treatment.

Esther Hardman – Kent

After one of Jane’s reflexology treatments I felt totally relaxed. The lower back pain I was experiencing at the time completely disappeared. Being normally quite an energetic person this was a welcome change! I find it hard to relax in the day time so I definitely want to visit Jane again to experience that feeling of calm.

Karen Hobbs – North West London

Jane has a reassuring ‘bedside manner’ and is able to work on specific ailments whilst giving an overall boost to my wellbeing. The relaxation that comes with each treatment is a bonus and I always leave with a smile on my face and the twinkliest of toes.

Heather Brown – Wiltshire

I feel rejuvenated, relaxed and recharged after one of your lovely relaxing treatments….it’s good for your soul, its good for your mind, its just so GOOD. I would have a treatment at least once a month if I still lived in London….maybe I will move back…..

Zoey Benjamin – North London

I came to Jane with my three week old son who had developed Colic. As a new mother I was really concerned about my baby. Jane was very comforting and insisted I had a reflexology treatment first to relax me. My son was then given a 5 minute treatment. By the time I got him home he had filled his nappy for the first time in four days and his discomfort was greatly reduced.