How Reflexology Can Help You

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How can Reflexology help you?

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing, non-invasive therapy, based
on the theory that the foot provides a map for the rest of the body.
Involves the technique of applying general pressure to the
reflexes on the feet or hands.

You will experience a deep sense of calm and relaxation
during your Reflexology session which will encourage
a state of balance and wellbeing.

Reflexology could be the perfect treatment for you to reduce symptoms of
physical & emotional stress which can manifest in many ways.
A full treatment can release stress, anxiety and tension.
This in turn may boost your energy levels.

Why not treat yourself to regular Reflexology session to promote good health, emotional wellbeing & vitality?

Let’s discover how Reflexology can help you.


  • Reflexology

  • 60 mins £50

  • 6 Sessions £270

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  • Luxury VIP Pamper Session

  • 90 mins £80

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  • Increases Relaxation

  • Enhances Wellbeing

  • Boosts Energy Levels

  • Improves Sleep & Mood

“Fantastic is my view of Jane Long Wellbeing. Easy to talk to, has a vast knowledge of reflexology and much more. Professional, kind and learns new ways to help you.

If you’re looking to give yourself some self care, go to Jane Long Wellbeing, a recipe for self healing.”

Vicky Elliot, Eastbourne

“The reflexology treatment I had with Jane was calm therapy, I was so relaxed I fell asleep. Afterwards I felt revived, as if all the stresses and strains had disappeared. Jane is knowledgable and experienced and I would highly recommend her treatments, either for help with a particular issue or purely for a wonderful sense of deep relaxation. I will go back for more!”

Amanda Ripley, Eastbourne

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