We all suffer from puffy eyes from time to time but ageing is the most common cause.

So how do we reduce our puffiness as we reach our midyears and beyond?

What Are The Main Causes?

There are many ways in which puffy eyes can occur. Here are a few.

Low functioning thyroid or hypothyroidism can create fluid retention leading to puffy eyes or bags under eyes.

Allergies like intolerances to food, pollen, hay fever or pet hair may increase puffy eyes.

Increases of alcohol caffeine or your salt may need addressing.
Smoking will cause your body to retain toxins and impurities leading to puffy or baggy eyes.

Not Taking Off Your Makeup
Forgetting to take off your mascara, eyeliner, lash glue and eyeshadow can clog the
area around the eyes causing puffiness.

If you have a disturbed sleep pattern and are feeling and looking groggy in the morning,
you may want to look at how you can improve your sleep routine.

Puffy or baggy eyes can run in the family.

To Reduce Puffy Eyes
Have a regular sleep routine.
Eat your last meal by 6pm
Exercise before 7pm
Turn off electronics at least one hour before bed time, including phone and TV
Reduce caffeine and alcohol
Include potassium rich foods like bananas, beans, yogurt, and leafy greens

Be consistent with your skin care routine.
Don’t over use eye creams. A soothing gel may be more effective than a cream

Cucumber on eyes
I remember regularly resting cucumber on my eyes during my teen years and twenties.
It was soothing and refreshing at the same time.

Research has shown that cucumber has unique hydrating and anti inflammatory properties.
They are also rich in vitamin C and folic acid which is just what we need when we are soothing puffy eyes.

Zone Face Lift Therapy

The combination of uplifting facial massage, Gua Sha to promote lymph drainage
and healing natural oils aims to reduce puffy eyes over a course of sessions.

Read more about Zone Face Lift Therapy here.

Self Care Facial sequence with cooling spoons or crystals video sequence coming soon.

Although puffy eyes are rarely a sign of ill health you should consider seeing a doctor if you have
long-lasting puffy eyes with pain, irritation, or severe swelling in or around your eye and symptoms
in other areas of your body.

Zone Face Lift is a wonderful facial therapy that enhances your skin care , wellbeing and vitality.
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