Love Your Looks

Love Your Looks

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you look tired

Do you see skin breakouts and wrinkles

Are you noticing skin sagging and bags under your eyes?

Are you peri menopausal or experiencing the menopause?

Do you recognise yourself anymore?

How does that make you feel?

So many women are self critical and ready to say

“I look awful” or “I hate the way I look”

How would you like to…..

Experience a guided facial

Discover mindful practice

Improve your skin tone and facial definition

Explore your beliefs and mindset about how women ‘should’ look.

Review your values and what facial products work for YOU!

How would you like to ……..


Welcome to the


Inspiring YOU to regain your confidence and embrace your beauty as you are NOW!

It’s my mission to change the way we as women view ourselves AT ANY AGE!

As women we give so much, it’s about time we rediscovered our beautiful vibrant selves and love our looks!

What does Love Your Looks involve?

A group programme dedicated to truly loving your face.

Holds a safe space to explore a new you
Share your experiences with compassion and non-judgement.

6 Week Online Programme via zoom
Guided Videos

Mindful Perspective
Guided Holistic Facial
Access to Facebook Group
Gua Sha Facial tool and Facial Serum Gift Set
Love Your Looks Downloadable Booklet

How to take part in Love your Looks

Love your Looks Group 6 week online programme £297 per person
Love Your Looks is run 6 times per year.

Love your Looks Group 6 week online programme £297 per person

  • Foundation & Facial
  • Neck, Jowl & Collagen, Elastin
  • Eyes & Beliefs, Perception
  • Lips & Aesthetics
  • Forehead & Physiology, Movement, Emotions
  • Values & Facial Products

Each week

you experience

  • Mindful Meditation
  • Guided Holistic Facial
  • Focus on neck & jowl areas, lips, eyes, forehead.
  • Intelligent discussion and opportunity to share your experiences around beauty and menopause.

Get Ready To

Love Your Looks!

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