Love Your Looks

Love Your Looks
6 Week Online Programme

How would you answer if I asked you…

“How do you feel when you look in the mirror…?”

I ask my clients this question before they receive their first holistic facial in my treatment room.

I’ve witnessed women hiding their faces in their hands saying

“I look awful!” or “I hate the way I look!” as a reply.

This experience has inspired me to write the Love Your Looks 6 week programme.

Inspiring YOU to regain your confidence and love your looks!

It’s my mission to change the way we as women view ourselves as we reach a certain age.

As women we give so much, it’s about time we rediscovered our beautiful vibrant selves and love our looks!

What does Love Your Looks involve?

1) Facial & Intro
2) Neck, Jowl & Natural Skin Boosters
3) Eyes & Beliefs, Perceptions
4) Lips & Aesthetics, Find Your Tribe!
5) Forehead & Physiology, Emotions
6) Full sequence & Values

Gua Sha tool and facial oil gift set included!

Mindful Practice, Core Transformation Process, Facial Exercises and Guided Holistic Facial.
Discussion held with compassion and non judgement.

I am a Mindfulness Coach and trained in Core Transformation Process. I blend the two beautifully together to discover your positives within the negatives you believe to be true. I guide you to finding your Core States of Love, Wholeness, Inner Peace and more. You will truly glow from within.

Love your Looks Group 6 week online programme £297 per person

Love Your Looks 1-1 private 6 week online programme £450

This 6 week programme takes place over Zoom.
Each session lasts up to 90 minutes with email support in between sessions.

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You will learn how to

  • Intelligent discussion about the benefits & alternatives to aesthetic treatments.
  • How women are represented in media image.
  • An invitation to explore your beliefs about your looks and perception.
  • Improve your collagen and elastin naturally.
  • An understanding of emotional healing and releasing emotional stress from your face.
  • Physiology, Movement and Emotions
  • Understand about Bruxism and TMJ disorders, neck pain, head aches.

Each week we will practise

  • Mindful Facial Meditation
  • Holistic Facial Sequence
  • Focusing on lips, eyes, forehead, jowl and neck areas.

If this is so, I have created three online programmes to offer you a helping hand from feeling burnt out to being your blooming beautiful self!

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