Love Your Looks
Facial Programme

It can be disheartening to see your skin and face change in such a
short space of time.

You may be peri-menopausal or have been through the menopause.
You’re feeling invisible, fatigued and you no longer like the way you look.
You might find yourself trying anything to prevent more lines
appearing or are lost as to what you can do?

If this is you, you’re not alone. Previous clients say

“I don’t recognise myself”
“I look tired”

This is why I created the Love Your Looks Facial online programme.

It’s an opportunity to be guided through a facial.
Each week we focus on a different area of the face.
We explore skin & self care topics and tips.
We share our experiences in a supportive community
of vibrant midlife women.

I’m your cheer leader! I’m here to help you be vibrant, visible & valued!

As a mindfulness coach I ensure we work in the present moment.
You discover who you are & how you feel NOW before looking to the future.

YOU become the expert of your own skin health and product choice.
My product choices are independent, local and natural.
I am not aligned with one brand, I like to be curious and flexible.

  • Gua Sha Facial Tool

  • Guided Facial Massage

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Mindful Practice

  • Explore skin care & self care topics and tips

  • Join a vibrant community of midlife women


  • Fresher, clearer skin

  • Smoothed fine lines

  • A radiant glow

  • A boost to your confidence

  • Be visible, vibrant & valued

What I offer

Facial Online

1 Hour Workshop


Be revitalised & refreshed.

Glowing skin in one hour.

EFT tapping & meditation.

Guided facial massage.

Join a community of midlife women who are vibrant and visible!

Group Facial Online

6 Week Programme


Rediscover your beautiful
vibrant self and love your looks.

Gua Sha
Guided facial massage
Self care topics & tips

Focus on each area of the face.
Smoothed fine lines
Clearer Skin
A radiant glow.

Connect in a vibrant community
of like minded midlife women.

Six Week Programme
available on a 1-1 basis

Skin Care Master Class
For The Midlife Woman


Put yourself first!
Make the right skin care
choice for you!

Pre assessment
Initial consultation via email

1 Hour Master Class
via Zoom includes:

Personal skin & self care guide
Address key issues
Gua Sha Sequence
Guided facial massage

Fresher, radiant, glowing skin

Smooth fine lines
Boost to your confidence.

Follow up

Facial Crib Sheet
Guided Video

I have just experienced Jane Long's 'Love Your Looks' workshop.
It was such a great experience. I learned so much about how I can help my skin to look it's very best, without expensive treatments and products.

I also learned techniques which I can easily apply myself which are relaxing and fun to do. Jane is so knowledgeable about the physiological side of the skin and body makeup.

Her passion for natural vibrant health whatever you age, shines through everything she does, offering us a safe and confidential space to explore our feelings about how we look, leading to increasing levels of confidence and wellbeing.

I would definitely recommend her programme to anyone who wants to look in the mirror and love what they see.”

Annie, France

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