Are you looking forward to summer or are you one of many preparing to battle the symptoms of hay fever?  Does constant sneezing, runny / blocked nose, red, watery itchy eyes and associated itchy throat sound familiar? Then you are one of 2 to 3 million people in Britain who live with hay fever every year.

Many resort to taking antihistamines, nasal sprays or eye drops to combat these symptoms.  The side effects of some medicines can leave you feeling quite lethargic.  Is this the way you imaged your summer to be?


What is Hay Fever and how can Reflexology help?

Hay fever can occur at different times of year as various pollens become present.  The time that you are affected depends on the pollen to which you are allergic.  Other factors which may aggravate symptoms are weather and air quality.

Hay fever often runs in families, and is also related to asthma and eczema.  Many people just get by and put up with hay fever symptoms but now there are several self care tips including reflexology which can help to alleviate symptoms.

Reflexology is the theory that the feet, hands, face or ear are a mirror of your body.  Pressure placed on specific reflex points can be sued to treat corresponding areas of the body.  It stimulates natural healing powers and promotes well-being.

Although there is no claim to cure or diagnose, it is a truly relaxing treatment.

What I have found in my years of practicing Reflexology is that experiencing this therapy allows you to enter a deep sense of relaxation, therefore it gives your body the time it needs to ease symptoms around a condition including hay fever.


“I have suffered with hay fever since my teens. I had been seeing Jane at least once a month to help me with an unrelated matter.  Then August came.  Every August there is one particular plant in  bloom and it gets me every time!  My eyes begin to water and the irritation and swollen feeling in my nose is unbearable!.  This was really inconvenient as I was working as a stylist on a BBC drama and the pressure was on – I had loads of work to do.  I visited Jane and told her the symptoms I had.  She then went on to give me a deeply relaxing but firm treatment.  Afterward she told me to drink a lot of water and nettle tea.  The next morning I woke with no irritation whatsoever.  I went to work which involved shopping in Oxford Street – that was bound to trigger symptoms off – but no, they had been alleviated.  I was able to get through the day without sneezing and clearing my throat – I definitely felt toxin free!”


Working the sinus, spine and digestive reflexes are important to focus on during a reflexology session for hay fever as well as applying firm pressure.

Another client recently commented that she didn’t even realise how blocked her sinuses were until they felt clear directly after her reflexology session.

Benefits of Reflexology include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Assists the body to remove toxins caused by daily pollution.


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