Friday Facial

Welcome to Friday Facial

“What does beauty mean to me now?”

“What’s a serum and should I use one?”

“I have bags under my eyes…what should I do?”

Do questions like these resonate with you?

Then come and join me and likeminded women for Friday Night Facial.

It’s a fun, interactive workshop and includes:

Mindful practice
relax and tune in to your inner peace

Guided holistic facial
Gain glowing skin and feel energised.

Share stories and experiences with other women
A space to be genuine and authentic together becomes powerful & healing.


“I’m all glowing!” 
Elizabeth – Tonbridge

What to bring to your Friday Facial

Your favourite oil / serum

A cushion for comfort

A glass of water

A journal and pen

Hair grip / hairband


“Thanks for tonight. It really was very relaxing. I really enjoyed it.
My face has never had so much attention!”
Leonie – Leatherhead

Discounted Fee for a limited period only: £25 (Full value £47)

If you don’t have a facial oil, no worries! Buy a beautiful facial oil here


Do you have a group of friends or family who would love an hour of pampering online?

I create bespoke sessions for celebrations or socials.

Are you celebrating a milestone birthday?

Are you arranging a Hen Do?

Do you want to treat your employees for their
loyalty and commitment to your business?

My online holistic facial workshops are a great way to stay connected and practice
self care together in a fun, vibrant way!

Gather your loved ones online whether you are local or live far and wide.

Be guided through a holistic facial that enhances your wellbeing.

Experience mindful practice, pamper together and gain a glowing skin


“Thank you Jane. That was lovely.
My mum really enjoyed the meditation and the facial”
Katharine – Wales

  • Enhance your wellbeing
  • Experience mindful meditation.
  • Guided holistic facial
  • Glow from within & glowing skin too!
  • Receive a 9 Easy Step Facial Crib Sheet

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