Hayfever and Reflexology

Are you looking forward to summer or are you one of many preparing to battle the symptoms of hay fever?  Does constant sneezing, runny / blocked nose, red, watery itchy eyes and associated itchy throat sound familiar? Then you are one of 2 to 3 million people in Britain who live with hay fever every year. Many resort to taking antihistamines, nasal sprays or eye drops to combat these symptoms.  The side effects of some medicines can leave you feeling

Pamper Master Class

I'm excited to share with you that Nicki Whitehead and I will be holding a Pamper Masterclass 3 - 5pm Saturday 16th July 2022 at Sheppards Cafe 14 Downlands Way East Dean BN20 0HR FREE PARKING   The Ultimate Guide to Self Care! Nicki will guide us through Indian Head Massage. Jane will guide us through a facial with hot towels. Goodie bag Tea / Coffee / Cake All for £25 Followed by £5 cocktail after 5pm. Click on this

Gua Sha Facial Tool

The Gua Sha facial tool is becoming more popular to use as part of your daily facial routine. It is a way to enhance your natural beauty by plumping and toning the skin, smoothing fine lines and improving lymphatic drainage. But what is it made of and where did it come from?   The Gua Sha originated from ancient China.  They were used if someone was overcome with heat stroke in the paddy fields or came down with a fever. 

Puffy Eyes

We all suffer from puffy eyes from time to time but ageing is the most common cause. So how do we reduce our puffiness as we reach our midyears and beyond? What Are The Main Causes? There are many ways in which puffy eyes can occur. Here are a few. Thyroid Low functioning thyroid or hypothyroidism can create fluid retention leading to puffy eyes or bags under eyes. Allergies Allergies like intolerances to food, pollen, hay fever or pet hair

  • Wellbeing

What does Wellbeing mean to you?

  What Does Wellbeing mean to you? When you hear the word 'Wellbeing' does it bring  image of walks on sandy beaches, glowing green woodland and fields to you?  Perhaps even Yoga retreats and sunsets or rises? Or does sound like an unreachable goal that you never seem to get to grips with. I looked for the definition of wellbeing.  The words that came back were comfort, health, happiness and prosperity. I have realised from treating many reflexology

  • Jaw Tension

Jaw Tension

Do you wake in the morning feeling like you’ve crushed your teeth, your neck and jaw muscles ache or you’ve had the worst nights sleep? You could be experiencing jaw tension or Bruxism. It’s thought that 1 in 10 people in the UK experience jaw tension and most of those are women. How to alleviate jaw tension Did you know the strongest muscle in your body is the masseter muscle found in your jaw and cheek? At night

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