About Jane

Are you a woman in your 40’s and 50’s?

Has your skin tone & facial definition 
changed and you don’t know what to do?

Do you feel invisible or tired & you’re fighting off the wrinkles?

Are you struggling with  peri-menopause or menopause?

Then you’ve arrived at the right place.

I can relate, I’ve felt this way too.

I didn’t feel great when I first noticed wrinkles and my appearance change.
It was sudden and unexpected. I felt a sense of loss, grief and regret.
I wished I had done more to keep looking youthful.

I’ve heard the same story in my treatment room.
Women came for their facials asking me to ‘do anything
to reverse the signs of ageing’ and banish the wrinkles.
This is why I wrote the Love Your Looks Facial Programme

Each week I guide you through a facial and explore topics around
natural skin boosters, beliefs & perceptions, beauty values and more!

I run Love Your Looks as bespoke 1-1 or a group programme.

Now I’m approaching 50, I accept who I am and how I look in midlife.
With the right self-care, rituals and attitude,
I have discovered how to be vibrant, visible and valuable and ‘Love Your Looks’

You can too!

My Story

Starting with a career in music industry, I found myself
juggling work with a young family and little time for ME!

Adding accumulating pressures to the pot meant my life
wasn’t working out as I’d expected.

Experiencing various highs and lows of life led me to discover
the value of living in the present moment, building resilience,
peace and acceptance, loving who I am and my looks now!

Being a qualified, certified and practicing Reflexologist since 2003,
I’ve continued my practical studies and gained certificates in:
Holistic massage, Reiki Healing, Rahanni Healing,
Facial Reflexology, Holistic Facial, Zone Face Lift Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique, Core Transformation Therapy
I’m also a Certified Mindfulness Coach and Leader.
I have been a member of the Association of Reflexologists since 2003.

I have brought my experience and knowledge together to help women overcome
overwhelm, stress, anxiety, fatigue or ill health to being visible, vibrant and valued.

Do you want to look and feel good again?

Contact Me

Let’s discover how Reflexology, Facials or Love Your Looks programme can help you.